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Holiday health risks to watch out for

Holiday health risks to watch out for

Tis the season to be jolly – but hopefully it’s also the season to be safe. The Christmas holidays are a time of year when accidents do tend to happen. Partially because we’ve actually left the office desk behind for a week or two and have time on our hands. Time on our hands can [...]

Are Boxing Day sales a con?

Are Boxing Day sales a con?

Are Boxing Day sales a con? We all like a bargain and we get a rush to our brains of the happy chemical called dopamine when we do. But do we really get the best bargains on Boxing Day? Rarely is the answer. There will always be a few steals on traditional sale days such [...]

5 things not to leave in your car this summer

5 things not to leave in your car this summer

The temperature is heating up, which means that you may need to be more mindful about what you leave in your car. Possessions that were just fine in cooler temperatures might not be so agreeable if left in your car on a hot day, which could end up being quite a costly mistake on your [...]

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