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Savings Awards Report - 2014

Savings Awards Report - 2014

IN THIS REPORT We collate our research of 11 cash PIEs, 23 term deposits and 35 saving accounts to announce the Best Value New Zealand Savings award. The CANSTAR savings award is presented to the institution that consistently offers outstanding value across the variety of savings accounts etailed earlier in our report. For the second [...]

Pros & Cons of Apartment Living

Pros & Cons of Apartment Living

Apartments have long been an attractive living option for those who either can’t afford to, or just don’t want to live in a full-scale house. They come with a plethora of benefits, and in the midst of an economy that’s hard on those looking to buy a home, they’re a more viable option for people [...]

Compare Everyday Banking - Award report July 2014

Compare Everyday Banking - Award report July 2014

IN THIS REPORT In this report we collate our research of 36 credit cards and 51 deposit accounts across 10 institutions to announce the Best Value New Zealand Everyday Banking award.Cash is so “last decade”Who carries cash in their wallet nowadays? Beyond a token amount for coffee or car parking, the amount of cold, hard [...]

Home Loans

Home Loan Star Ratings
We compare more than 147 home loans from 13 lenders to compile a star ratings comparison for fixed and variable home loans.

Term Deposits

Term Deposit Awards
We compare over 14 Term Deposit products across six separate terms from 1 month to 5 years.

Credit Cards

Credit Card Star Ratings
We've compared 63 credit cards offered by 12 providers. See which ones offer some of the best value.


Kiwisaver Star Ratings
We compare 29 KiwiSaver Schemes and 91 KiwiSaver Funds to determine which are outstanding value providers.

Deposit Accounts

Deposit Account Star Ratings
We research, rate and compare 447 deposit accounts to help you get a better result on everyday savings.

Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance Star Ratings
This year we compared 23 brands across a range of profiles to help you determine the best travel insurance policy for you.